Why BestDay

Why Best Day? We want something for you. The same thing we want for ourselves.

Perhaps, like us, you've worked for an organization or been on a team that made your day at work feel difficult. Do you ever get that little twist in your stomach knowing you have to go in to work tomorrow? How many meetings have you sat through talking about Q1 results, sales quotas, or a myriad of other topics that feel hollow - and at the end of the meeting nothing is really accomplished except the scheduling of another meeting? At some point the promotion didn't come. At some point you witness meaningless office politics. We've been there.

Perhaps, like us, you've worked on a project that was interesting and fueled your attention. Or, you worked with a passionate team where you felt you belonged and together accomplished something meaningful. You felt energized and focused, fully involved and enjoyed the work you were doing. On those best days you went home still thinking about what you worked on and looked forward to the next day. We've been there too.

Definitely like you, we believe that life is a precious gift. While on this planet we want to do something meaningful with our time. Working in human resources we have experienced the good days and the bad days and have seen firsthand what it does to organizations and to the real people who work there. So, what is it we want for you, and for ourselves? We want us all to have our best day. Because when we have our best day at work, other areas of our lives are that much better. Recognizing this in ourselves, we questioned why can't every person have best days at work. That set us on a quest.

So who are we? We're a group of like minded friends who are taking our experience working in human resources to partner with you to deliver people tools, training, suggestions, and experiences to support you in your quest for having your best day. When that happens, it, well, gives us our BestDay.

Thank you for that.

What we believe

Our mission: To unleash every person’s worth by fueling their spark so they can have their BestDay.

Half Full Glasses

Within us all is the desire to create. For us, we are dogged in creating software that is super functional, fairly priced, fun to use, and dare we say, beautiful to look at.


The most important lessons come from the most painful experiences. We will leverage those lessons to benefit people in ALL sized organizations because all people matter.

Beautiful Excellence

We provide guidance, learning, and tools that are simple, fun to use, and beautiful to work with.


Because doing something of value for others is what life is all about, we do what we say regardless of how hard it is or how long it takes - as long as it is making a valuable impact.

A Connected Tribe

We create connection with people who share our vision so collectively we can learn from each other and constantly improve.