Having served as chief HR officers for large organizations, we understand the complexity of managing risk, treating people well, and creating work environments where you retain your most talented employees. We have had the opportunity to handle every area of human resources from hiring to growth to farewells. Whether you need specialized help or don't know where to begin, we're ready to help.

Here are a few things we offer

  • Strategic planning that is actionable and moves the organization forward
  • Creating a culture roadmap to assist organizations in building deliberate healthy workplaces where all employees thrive
  • Leadership development and individual coaching based on proven organizational development principles
  • Organizational effectiveness review
  • Performance management creation
  • Employee Handbook Creation
  • Fair Labor Standards Act audits
  • Hearing officer for internal discipline and termination hearings
  • Conflict mediations

Or, if you just need to bounce an idea off someone.

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