Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning

It's About Time

Finally, an application built for the heart and soul of a planner. Let BestDayHR's Planning Application help ease the administrative burden that comes along with the job so that you can get back to helping people's dreams come true and shaping the community you live and play in.

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Features to ease the Administrative Burden

  • Track informal inquiries by parcel to prevent Planner Shopping and to increase institutional knowledge.
  • Track and Manage Development Applications - collaborate with team members to ensure a thorough review.
  • Track and record public comments, commission conditions and decisions.
  • Track and Manage Development Agreements and Easements.
  • Track City/County owned parcels.
  • Notifications and Reminders for Expiring Conditions.
  • Dashboard to measure, track and analyze application volumes to optimize organizational effectiveness.
  • GIS integrations provides visualizations to land and parcel permit history, code and zoning details.
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Planning And Zoning Application